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Re: pttd pre op tomorrow

Originally Posted by severity777 View Post
Hi MVB. I am not doing well. Had to stop working a week ago. My feet are worse everyday. I am awaiting the surgery to incorporate bonework. They say my transferred tendons are now torn and I probably need a triple arthrodesis. Im scared, stressed and anxious to get on with it. I miss my life. I know the idea of bonework is scary, but having to go through this again is torture, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Do find a specialist. I have been to 7 doctors so far.
I really hope they help you soon. It sucks being in chronic pain. No other way to put it. It is no way to live and it wears on mentally just like you said. I know it's hard just try to think about the future when you will feel better. And there are doctors out there that can help. If this doctor isn't confident in how he can help you find someone else. And if you can avoid a triple arthrodesis. They are for arthritic joints in the hind foot. Once you fuse it you won't have much motion in your foot. Then this leads to other joint deterioration. The surgery that I was told that gets around this is a double calcaneal osteotomy with graft in side of calcaneus, navicular cuneiform fusion(you do not need this joint as there should be very little movement in it to begin with.) and gastric recession. This is the best surgical recommendation I was given so far. I talked to 2 ppl that had it done and they were very satisfied with it. Whatever you decide to do good luck and I wish you the very best. I hope you feel better.

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