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Re: wife does not like food, losing weight

Hi Yes a tough age for some as the body makes it hard to digest certain foods but there is so much out there that could help her stomach and not get it upset. I am going with my experience yogart really helped me with fruit to taste and rice cakes and no flour or salt or sugar just natural ingrediants. I have IBS which i have had for years and a spinal disease which put me in a wheelchair. I just turned 39 in June. The whole idea of dealing with whatever comes your way is to try with all you have to try anything to still live your life. My husband lost all his family to cancer his mom and dad, sister and brother, even his step father. He turned 50 in April..i make sure they (the doctors) do every early test possible for early detection.
Please tell your wife she is so needed here in this life, by you i am asuming your kids and grandkids, maybe great grands. Life is so precious and she needs to rry to be around for you and the rest of the family. Send her hugs for me ok and let her see this email if that is ok I don't know her, but i want her to feel better so you both can enjoy your golden years...