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Re: Undiagnosed pituitary disease

we finally got a diagnosis to my mystery disease.i went to see a dr in rochester n.y.they r suppose to only specalize in pituitary.they r a multi disciplanarium program and r suppose to be excellant.they diagnosed me with"lymphocytic hypophysitis" which is an auto immune disease which attacked my pituitary gland and threw all my hormones out of wack.mind u ,i have NO TUMOR in my pi
tuitary.she increased my synthroid to 112mg once a day and changed my hydrocortisone to 10mg am and 5mg at 4pm.Still no change and has been 4 wks already.what i cant understand is this RAPID WEIGHT GAIN thaty has not stopped and this SWELLING and BURNING,ACHING of my feet and ankles to the point that i cant even step on my feet nor walk.also she put me on cabergoline to drop my prolactin so that i could get my on a1/4 of the pill once a wk for 3 starts my 4 wk and i will take A 1/2 A PILL ONCE AWK.WENT FOR BLOOD ON WED .STILL WAITING FOR RESULTS.has anyone ever heard of thyroid CAUSING WEIGHT GAIN and this feet issue?if anyone pls has any info on this /it would really help thx...

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