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Re: Fentanyl Withdrawal/Pain Pump-Removal

Hi Iginfl, Im so glad to see you! And that you are ok & not in hospital! I kept hoping & praying that you did the church, out to eat, nap thing yesterday. Then, I would think "no way" she has a bulge in her back! Imho, is in my honest opinion. Im not a dr, only friend here. I just read the mri report over and over and i thought that the radiologist was saying it appeared leftover, then gave warning to the DR, not to you, that he thought that you needed to be checked for an abcess. Like we talked about, cbc, lab analysis on fluid, culture & what the dr orders to check for infection. He will get report late so i think that you should call the office & leave message or possibly talk to dr to tell exactly how you are now & want to know yesterday what he wants you to do. If it were me i would "hold his feet to the fire" persay! B/ c waiting until dec 5 is crazy. Imho. I know that you are sick, hurting, csf leak is scary & you are sooooo sick of drs & surgeries. And, you shouldnt have to figure this out by your self!! Btw,i had to lay flat after repair surgery for 4 weeks until patch healed on, b/c of pressure in canal goes up when you raise your head higher than your low back & could make a leak again. Did you have to do that? We just pray & have faith that this would be over for you now. Take care & know im checking for
your posts often. Wish i could help more. Thank you,gmak

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