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Smile Re: Weight loss help, good idea?

I am 58 yrs old male, 5:10, 180 lbs (about 83kgs), been very active all my life, run and ride seriously every week (10 miles runs every other day and w/o in the gym in between; also, ride outdoors in the summer about 100 miles/week-and indoors in the winter (I live in Canada-and right now it's snowing like crazy!!), why am I telling all these?
Right now I am in the best shape of my life, feel strong and look ripped (in the gym I do P90X); in 2010 was 215 lbs despite the fact I was doing all these...yes!! if you dont clean-up your diet you'll never be slim-so, in 2010 decided to go back to my track and field diets where I was 145lbs, run 75-90 miles/week and run like a deer, and here is what I did:

Bought myself a small weigh scale and started to count the calories of what I was eating; but before I go on, let me give you some hard diet facts...if you dont run or w/o all you will need is about 50-75 cal/hour, depending how tall you are; so, 50/75x24hrs=1200/1800cal/day-anything over that you will gain weight; now, if you run or w/o you will need to add the calories your work out burns to that 50-75 cal/hr; average running/jogging burns about 120-130 cal/mile-get it? so, when you eat a muffin=500cal you will need to run about 4 miles to burn the crap you've eaten!!!! cycling at a good clip burns about 500-700 cal/hour. If you dont clean-up your diet you will never, ever be slim-what I did was to eliminate all foods containing high calories and fat; rather than giving you a list of foods, here is some rules of thumb to follow, besides sticking to 50-75 cal/hour; NO oils, butters, margarine, no bread, NO processed foods of any type (anything in a can or sealed plastic bags contains a lot of fat, calories, and cancerous chemicals), no cancer foods like fast food items of any kind (especially fries, hot dogs and burgers-buy your own extra lean meets and make your own burgers), no coke, pepsi and all other sugar-loaded crap drinks, no yokes (but lots of egg-whites); buy everything fresh and make your own sauces. Eat lots of fruits and FRESH vegies, legume soups, chicken breasts and fish, 0-fat yogurt, milk, and also take high potency vitamins and drink 10-15 500 ml bottles of pure water/day; forget the breakfast-lunch-super routine, but eat throughout the day and have consumed 75% of your daily cal by 5-6pm.

If you are, say, 30 lbs overweight, and try to diet, your body will initially attack you for food because the extra fat is part of you and needs to "eat, drink, and breath"; once you've cleansed yourself of the fat, you wont feel as hungry and you will feel full of energy because the oxygen that used be consumed by your fat, now goes to your useful parts of your body.

Another fact to remember is that your body runs on carbohydrates and not fat!!! so, when you eat, say, 2500 cal per day, and 1000 cal of that is from fat, your body will welcome the 1500 cal but store the fat cal you know where, around your *** and belly. To burn fat you'll initially need to eat less carbohydrates than your body needs to get the burning process going, and then it will tap into the fat deposits, hence you will lose weight.