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Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?

Hi Angela,
Geez you have been through all that? I ask myself a lot these days "what have they done to us that we are so hooked?" this is so unfair to us smokers. I liked the patches when I use them, but went right back to smoking right as I finished the last box But that was me, I was weak.
You seem strong willed to quit and are going through a lot to do it. You know how easy you could just say "aww forget it" but you didn't so that's GREAT!!!!!
Okay so now once they arrive in the mail, let me know your new quit date I will try to check my email every day, because it tells me when I get a reply.
I still smoke 2 a day and I am in week "4" and still have 5 more months of Chantix to go, so I hope to stop this week........HEY I'll make you a deal, make sure you post your new quit date and I will quit with you on that day. BUT I get to run outside and have a farewell
cigarette (lame I know).

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