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Question Best friend ended friendship

I am not sure if this is the appropriate board to post this on, so please let me know if I should post on a different board. I know this board is for grief and loss and I have lost both of my parents years ago, so I can relate to others whom are on here.
I lost my best friend. She has not passed away, rather, she pushed me away. It is a very complicated long story and I just needed some support, so I came here. We have been friends for over 20 years. Had our ups and downs and about 3 years ago, we got into a disagreement and she emailed me and ended our friendship. I was devistated. I have alot of friends, but she knew so much about me and we are so close. She changed her number 3 years ago, and silly me didn't give up on her and we became friends again.
I have been insecure the past 3 years that "what if she gets mad at me and ends it again....." She told me that was a long time ago and we both have matured since then and she promised she would always be my best friend.
About a month ago, she began to not call as often. We would both call each other almost every day, then the calls stopped from her. She sent me several emails saying she needed a break from our friendship!!! I did not think friends take breaks?!?! She deleted me and all our friends from ********. I had called her a few times the past few weeks and we both times had short conversations, nothing too personal. She told me several times that she would call me again on certain days over the past few weeks, but she did not call. So, I finally decided to get a clue!!!! The girl is saying she wants a break, right? She is not making a effort to be my friend. Why am I chasing after her when she is not interested?????
So, end of my story is this: my birthday was last week. She has said she would call me a few days prior to my b day, but she did not, so I decided to let it go and move on with my life. THEN SHE CALLED ON MY BIRTHDAY AND LEFT A SWEET MESSAGE SAYING LOVE YOU, MISS YOU... I was like, "what is going on here?" Now, she is my friend again????
I did not call her back. A few days later she texted me asking why I did not return her phone call. Reminded her that she deleted me on ********, told me she wanted a break, etc. Her response was, "What are you talking about? We talked last week and everything was fine?" She started asking me if I was loosing my mind, if I was crazy, why am I mad at her. I refered her badk to all her previous emails and she said, "Your still stuck on all that, I thought we were friends again?" I told her we never said that, we just talked generally a few times.
Then, she texted and told me I am a psychotic b**** and I have not heard from her.
I am so sorry this sounds so trivial and this is so long. I just need to know if I am loosing my mind????
Thanks for reading.

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