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Re: Epi-lasik done one eye at a time

Day 4 - doctor visit

Visited the doc today and all,is great. I have no idea why I am doing so well but I am not complaining. Nurse feels strongly that the constant irrigation with tears is a big factor. Doc seemed surprised that my epithelium was 95% healed already. He removed the bandage contact and told me to come back in a week. I tested 20/40 but you know how that is. I couldn't even see the chart when we started but I worked to find a spot where I could see and blinked until i found focus. And they tested me before he removed the contact.

Vision is a little worse without the contact. Strange that I seem to be able to focus best at about 2 feet where it is harder to focus across the room. I hope this adjusts over time. I didn't sign up for mono vision.

The nurse encouraged me to step it back up on the drops. Even if I don't feel like I need them they feel that keeping it wet helps it heal. So I am eliminating the neurontin and doubling down on the preservative free tears.


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