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Re: TTC with PCOS... help!

For me a low carb diet was the best thing for my fertility. My first child, I conceived the month I went off of BC, after being on it for 5 years. No problems.

2nd child, was conceived 10 years later, after many tears, PCOS dx, and taking 3 months of clomid. Actually got a BFP on my 35th day of cycle after being told I wouldnt' even ovulate that month!

3rd child conceived 8 months after 2nd was born, natural conception.

4th child, conceived 2 years after 3rd, m/c at 12 weeks, low progesterone.

5th child, conceived naturally 13 months after m/c.

Pregnancy 2-5th all were low progesterone, and I had to take oral supplement to maintain the pregnancy. I was able to conceive while doing a really low carb diet, which would really cut the sugar levels down, and give my ovaries a break from constantly being bombarded with insulin.