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Re: TTC with PCOS... help!

I too have PCOS, and also have 4 beautiful children, ages 3-19. Here is what worked for me.

1. Relax-low stress always.
2. Low carb diet.
3. Exercise. Even if its just walking. That is what I did.
4. Age

I had an RE tell me to go low carb, and I didn't do it for another year after she told me. When I finally did start low carb eating, it was just as a challenge with a friend. I really didn't even think about doing it while ttc, because I didn't understand how it would benefit.

Now after 3 of my babies were conceived while doing low carb, I totally get it. If you can really limit the carbs/sugar you are consuming you will give your ovaries a break from the constant attack of insulin.

As we get older, the symptoms of PCOS tend to not be so bad. 3 of my children were all conceived when I was in my mid to late 30's.