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Re: LASIK again ten years later?

Originally Posted by PabloPicasso View Post
the risk in a second Lasik is lower than that of the first lasik because the flap is already there...
I would think all the risks are the same. The only difference is the flap is already cut. I did ask my doctor what the time frame was for lifting the flap and he said he has done them 10 years later which means to me it never really fully heals. The risks are still the same with the flap being positioned properly, and as with any cuts there is scarring, again lifting the flap is an injury to the body. There is also the risk of infections, getting the correction correct, induced sight problems like astigmatism like I have, dry eye, and more.
This is a major operation and I look back thinking how weird it was that a person can just walk into a room and have the cornea cut and lifted without a whole lot of sterilization done.

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