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Re: SHould I forgive him or leave him?

I agree whole-heartedly with Seraph. I have been with a mental abuser and, quite frankly, your s.o sounds particularly sadistic. Men like that always say they're sorry- and they probably are- sorry that they went a little too far this time and they need to bring you back. Not sorry for the way you feel. You need to get out of this relationship with quickness.

He will abort your child? Doesn't see you getting married? Nobody says these things to somebody they truly love. Getting angry with friends over something so trivial? Telling you that you would be sol without him- he has no respect for you and feels superior. He sounds like he could become dangerous with time. He's ALREADY dangerous to your emotional health.

I'm curious, why did he not like the first two counselors? Were they on to him? It's hard to fool a third-party observer, particularly one who is trained in mental health. Did you not like the first two counselors? Why? Were they on to YOU? I have been in your position in counseling. I wanted somebody to ease my mind, my counselor was real with me, a straight shooter. At the time, I did not like it. I didn't like anybody who made didn't make it easy for me to be in a bad situation, who held a mirror to my face and made me face what was really going on: A dangerous relationship with a grim future.

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