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Re: Possible Chrons?

I have had a Ultrasound of the abdomen which revealed Polyps in the Gallbladder, HIDA Scan which revealed normal functioning gallbladder but Bile Reflux, then I had a EGD which showed a Hiatial Hernia (sp?) and today I had a CT Scan of the abdomen. Doc said he wanted to check for signs of inflammation in Pancreas, Liver, Kidneys and Intestines. If this remains inconclusive then he wants to do a Colonoscopy. My symptoms are abdominal pain, anemia and Diarrhea multiple times per day. Ive done a lot of research online this past week or so and it sounds more like Chrons Disease than any disease I have came across thus far. My Mother was dx with Pernicious Anemia and had to have Vit B12 shots. Just wonder if it could be related?