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Multiple Foot Surgeries - still pain

Okay, tossing this out here for any opinions/option. I have had multiple surgeries starting in April 2008; bunionectomy with 2nd metatarsal shortening, 1st MPT joint fusion in January 2010. Both sesamoids removed in October 2011. I also hard surgeries to remove all the hardware. Still in horrible pain. Now, the podiatrist who took the sesamoids out says that a bone is pointing down in my foot (sort of like a heel spur I guess) and inflaming the nerves. Every step I take hurts and standing is horrible. Have custom orthotics which help very little. Too any of you thinking foot surgery is no bid deal, I beg to differ. I am now 52 and fear of ending up in a wheelchair. Foot surgery ruined my life. I don't know what to do. This pod proposes shaving down the bone which involves 4 weeks on crutches. Women please stay away from foot damaging high heels especially if bunions run in your family. I wish I did. Forget vanity. I am in horrible pain with every step. People don't understand or do I feel they care. They can be so cold. I don't know where to turn.

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