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Exclamation Could it be crohns?

For a few years now I have known that I have had a very sensitive stomach. I had never brought it up to my doctor, but now that I am going away to college next year I feel that I need an answer to my issue. Most of the time when I go out to eat at a restaurant, I end up with a horrible stomach ache. I feel fine at first but then about 20-30 minutes later I suddenly get nauseas and have horrible pains and need to go to the bathroom asap. I usually have diarrhea and end up in the bathroom for a quite a while. I also have other abnormalties that might be connected to my stomach issues. I'm currently 18 years old and first got my period when I was about 13. It is very irregular, for instance, the last time I got it was in June and it is currently November. Also, i have very itchy skin and have eczema, seasonal and a few medication allergies, and I have a little bit of anxiety. And lastly, I read a few articles that say there might be a link between crohns and kidney stones. This past June I ended up in the emergency room because I had my first (and hopefully only) kidney stone. Please please please someone let me know what you think of my symptoms. I have friends that have crohns and they said that the same bathroom issue happened to them. Also both parents have some sort of digestive issue.

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