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Re: Chronich sufferer... help!!!

I'm sorry, I'm alittle lost?
Do you think you were misdiagnosed with Lyme?
I haven't been diagnosed yet, been tested many times. Trying to come up with the $ to have a naturepath run tests. Even with the Lyme tests ran that were negative, I think I have Lyme.
Lyme will never make complete sense...
Like you, I have the full body pain that only keeps getting worst. Never feel good & always hurt.
I've had problems come & go over the yrs. Pain, Fatigue, feeling like I'm always sick, vomiting & a dissociative Dissorder are my main problems. Everything else I just deal with.
Anyhow, it does seem like you have Lyme & weren't misdiagnosed. You may be testing negative now but that doesn't mean you don't have it. It's just an example of how unrealiable these tests are.
It seems like you should not have stopped treatment... Or atleast be on a natural treatment. It's my understanding Lyme gets used to antibiotics...
I don't know half of what others do here about Lyme. I have been in denial about it until recently. I'm just so sick anymore that I'm afraid that whatever is going on will kill me. As all tests I have had for 14 yrs have been normal, everything points twords Lyme.
No doctor can tell me why the pain is so bad, they have no idea how exhausted I am, they can't tell me why I deal with chronic vomiting, or why I have a dissorder that makes me feel drugged all the time. Yet it's all symptoms of Lyme...
Anyhow, please don't think you were misdiagnosed. You have went through so much already to kill the Lyme, I would hate for to to have to start all over...
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