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Re: Cost of generic adderall

The Average Wholesale Price of Barr Labs Generic Adderall 20 mg. in the year 2009,
was $137.16 for one bottle of 100 tablets. NDC #00555-0973-02 for this Schedule
II medication. My source is from the 113th year of a Thomson Reuters Book for pharmacist's and pharmacy owner's who choose which competitor's product to stock.
I am uncomfortable quoting the exact title of the book or ISBN # because of the rules
of this board. Note: As we all know, Barr Labs was bought out in a merger, in late December of 2008, by Teva US, generic Adderall known as Amphetamine Salt Combo.
I have been on Adderall since, the year 1999, to this very day. The Brand Adderall 20mg
manufactured by Duramed, (now, another division of Teva, US, Average Wholesale
Price for the year 2009, was $343.33 for one bottle of one hundred 20 mg Adderall. When I started taking brand Adderall, in 1999, it was made only in brand name, with
patent protection, by Richwood Pharmaceutical Inc of Kentucky, who bought the
manufacturing rights from Obetrol Division, of Rexar, Inc, Brooklyn NY. in 1993.
I also took Dexedrine Spansule 15 mg. for ten years, and, the cash price, at CVS
pharmacy chain for 60 Extended Release Smith Kline Beecham, later, Glaxo Smith Kline,
was a range from, $86.00 to $92.00 in the time span 1999 to 2008. The price increased
in 2009, Average Wholesale Price, that year, increased to $300.06 for one bottle of 90
Dexedrine Spansules, with the famous tapered end capsule. Generic Adderall, it appears has experienced a price increase, since 2009, by Teva US, of Sellersville, PA.
That is all I am comfortable sharing, I do not want to break any rules. I am a 63 yr old male, I got my ADHD diagnosis in June 1994, and have been on C-II stimulants ever since June 28, 1994. I hope the shortage from last year is over for all of us, and the
apparent price increases. In 1994, when Adderall, was marketed for the first time by
Richwood Pharmaceuticals, the Average Wholesale Price was $67.03 for one bottle of
20 mg. tablets (one hundred count). "Obetrol" was marketed that final year, 1994, at the identical price, during the transition, and was formerly manufactured year round since at least 1965. I have the source book in my lap, but I shall refrain from giving out
the source, again, trying to abide by the rules of this forum.