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HIV exposure and freaking out!!!

I'm new to this and after reading some posts I feel somewhat relaxed, but still stress and anxiety is to the max!
about 4 weeks ago I had protected oral and protected anal(I was the inserter)with a sexworker...was way intoxicated!
There was no kissing just massaging then she pulled out a condom, gave me oral with it on. After that she grabbed lubricant and I proceeded to penetrate. It didn't last long at all 3-5 min the most and I didn't ejaculate, as I was way too hammered. I don't really know if the condom came off, don't think so. After that we passed out for a while, then and I don't know why, woke up started to put the condom on again. Once I realized what the hell am I doing I took it off and passed out until early morning. I woke up and freaked the hell out and got out of there as soon as possible, but stupid I totally forgot to ask her status. I'm assuming she's HIV positive as she did seem clean at all.
About a week later I started looking up signs of infection, and also realized I could of taken PEP...I'm stupid! Another week I got tested 12 days after exposure, everything turned out negative, but know now that's too soon.
Two weeks after my exposure I noticed my tongue was white and scalloped...that's when the anxiety and stress has completely taken me over. I feel slight bump in groin, swollen glands in neck, sore throat and dry cough. I feel like my glands swell more when my anxiety gets out of control. I plan on taking the test at three months, but until then I can't concentrate on work and the gym only helps some.
This has been such a horrifying, but learning experience for me. Has anyone experienced or experiencing same situation? I've never had swollen glands in neck before and have never experience stress and anxiety like this! The only thing I can do is pray for forgiveness and definitely want to be a new man if I get through this with just a horrible scare.
I want to put out good blessings for anyone who has experience same situations and for you that have been diagnosed with HIV. I just want to be a better man through this no matter what!
Sorry for the long text, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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