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Re: Chronich sufferer... help!!!

From reading what you posted about your symptoms I have to concur that I have almost identical ones, and my concern wasn't that I was misdiagnosed because I know I have/had it, it was based more on weather I still suffer from iy. To me the attack I had could have been a "herx" effect but if it was that why do I still feel the way I/you do! Also questions about if the cell can go into remission or if it will ever go away. I'm at my very last strand of hair that I'm going to pull out. As if I thought struggling through PICC lines were bad enough but not knowing if I'm ever going to get better is destroying more and more lately. I really hope you get the treatment you need so you may able to feel some relief. There isn't any in my area but I heard hyperbaric chambers really help with stiff/soreness and as well as some fibromyalgia pain!