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Clicking or shifting sound when listening to certain sounds over speakers


I have tinnitus in both ears.

In my left ear it is quite high frequency and I have a hearing range of 18Hz to 15kHz. In my right ear I have a ringing frequency of around 1300Hz and a range of 18Hz to 18500kHz.

When I tense muscles in my neck I can hear the rushing of the blood in my head clearly. This is something normal for me and it happens if I yawn deeply for example. Hopefully you have an idea of the sound I am talking about.

The problem is in my left ear, when I tense I hear a sort of squashing type sound. It is very hard to explain. Also in my left ear, when I hear certain sounds I can hear two distint clicks. It is as if something is shifting one way when the sound is present and shifts back when the sound is gone, producing two clicks.

Usually the eighth swing onwards gets the clicks going. I would then hear a click as the sound starts and then again as it ends.

It can happen with more complex sounds such as a person singing higher notes etc.

Any idea what is causing it? It comes and goes from day to day. It is mostly there though. Sometimes holding my nose and either sucking or blowing can make it go away but that can end up in me feeling very stuffed up, I do not do it often at all.


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