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My risk of getting HIV..

The story goes like this...
3 months ago after drinking with my friends we decided to visit the red light district..
I know it was stupid and dumb and i regretted it so much....
It was my first time having sex so the prostitute used alot of lubricant and also wore a condom for me and i had vaginal intercourse for around 5-10 minutes before she removed the condom, i dont know if the condom broke but i doubt so.. She then proceeded to sit on my leg with me lying face up and gave me a handjob.. I did wash up myself with water immediately after everything. The next day, i found out a little cut of no more than 1cm on the inner side of my left knee. It has little purple red dots around the cut... Is it a sign of getting infected with HIV thru the little cut? Her vaginal fluid might have went into the cut when she was sitting on my legs.. days before, i remember the cut was very itchy so i scratched it.. i dont know if the purple red patches are due to the HIV or its bruising because i scratched it too hard..
I REGRET my actions so badly i am only 18 i dont want to die at a young age..
I am afraid and embarrassed to go for the HIV test..

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