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Looking for expert opinion on my cholesterol numbers

Hi, first of all, I have been taking Simvastatin for about 4-5 years now, and my cholesterol numbers have been "good" according to my doctor. I also take Micardis for high blood pressure. Last year after my blood work, he told me that he has never had a patient with a heart attack with my numbers. Well, I guess I let my guard down somewhat, and have really not eaten very well in the past year. Lots of fries, burgers, pizza, etc. And I haven't jogged nearly as much in the last year as I normally do.

Here are my numbers:
LDL-C: 100
HDL-C: 49
LDL-P: 1197
HDL-P: 33.6
Triglycerides: 88
Total Cholesterol: 167
Small LDL-P: 520
LDL Size: 20.7
LP-IR Score: 53

He faxed me in a presription of crestor, but I have yet to take it. It's my opinion I can improve these numbers by an improved diet and more excercise, especially since my numbers have been very good the last few years by just taking Simvastatin. What's your overall feeling on my numbers? Can I get these better with diet and excercise?

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