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Re: Extreme electrical/spasm feeling in stomach upon falling asleep

I have searched and searched and I have not found one person who so accurately describes how I feel. The feeling is exactly the same , including the feeling that unless I fight it I will die. I've been dealing with this for about a year, and since then have seen two doctors neither of which had any answers or suggestions. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. The frequency of these attacks while falling asleep have become so constant I've actually have tried just giving in and letting the feeling take over, at least then people would have to believe me once something really did happen.... Only when you dont fight it your body still does... It's like being trapped under water fighting for breath and without the jolt to set you free from your twilight nightmare it will continue with the overwhelming pulling or dropping sensation and not let you go. Did you ever get a dr to figure out what it is??? I find it strange that we have the same feeling, we are both young, you 21 and I am 24... ?? *** is going on with my body??

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