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Re: Pituitary Resistance to Thyroid Hormone

Thank you for posting this information.

My son is 4 and his recent tests came showing high Free T4 and Normal TSH.

He has an ADHD / Autism diagnosis (one doc says adhd and the other says autism) and is really hyper active.

Until age of 2 he was less hyperactive and developing normally, but then suddenly the nightmare started - he woke up in the middle of the night, did not gain weight, went back on cognitive abilities. He does not speak (he used to say a few words before).

His new doctor was suprised that he did not gain weight since the problems started. He ordered Free-T4 and TSH tests. FT4 was high at 2.1, and TSH was 2.6. We are now doing further testing.

Since he cant speak, he cant tell us how he feels. He does not cry often. Eats very good quantities of food and has a fairly diverse diet (although texture is a big issue).

If anyone had/encountered similar cases? I saw an article linking Thyroid related issues to ADHD/Autism, but was wondering if anyone has gone through or going through similar situation.

Thank you. Happpy thanksgiving to all.

Father of little BB.

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