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Re: Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

Hi JayHawk,
Yuk, wrote a whole reply already and it disappeared! Didn't know I was a magician.
How are you? I wanted to get back to you to thank you for the information about the herbal supplements, exercise, etc. More good advice.
Tomorrow I have my second appt. with my neuro. I am not encouraged. To make a long story short, I heard from my GP who spoke to my neuro last week on my behalf and was told my neuro does not think I have MS because my MRI's were clear of lesions and did not know what was wrong. But he did not know that my symptoms, since my first appt., became so much worse. My question to you is, what is your opinion of clear MRI's and dxing of MS. I have read enough information to know that it's possible to have MS without lesions (at least at first) and I am concerned that my doctor didn't know this and won't consider the symptoms I am now having. I've had blurry, painful vision and very weak legs, so much so that the 4 day trip I took this past weekend left me riding in a wheelchair while the rest of my family rode bicycles on our visit to Williamsburg. I could walk but I could not keep up if I tried so I chose the chair. I took ibuprofen which helps the pain in my eyes and residual headache from that but I cannot take ibuprofen indefinetly. I guess I should have made that appt.with the specialist when I spoke of it before. I will have a complete list of my symptoms and how long they lasted for the neuro tomorrow, as well as my MRI disc and report. I am hoping these will help. Thanks for listening. I am glad you are there for all of us.