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Re: Multiple Foot Surgeries - still pain

Originally Posted by jmarch67 View Post
My mother had two surgeries done for bunions and hammer toes, both times she did not get relief. I blame that on the surgeons that did the operation. She now is very crippled and has pain. These podiatrists/surgeons were not experienced enough to be doing her surgeries. When I became crippled from having severe flat feet and huge bunions, I called a major teaching hospital to find a surgeon who was suited for foot and ankle reconstruction because I only wanted one surgery done per foot because I knew the pain and recovery was going to be a long and hard process. I had one foot done and I am 14 weeks post op. My repaired foot compared to my bad foot is incredible. It gets better by the day, even though the walking and healing takes so long. I was told recovery is 6 months to one year per foot. My foot surgery was a very big deal and my case was very complicated, as he did 5 procedures on my one foot. I feel I made the right decision as to the foot surgeon I chose. That is so very important!
All the surgeons who operated on me where board certified. Surgery has no guarantee. A foot and ankle OS that I went to told me that it is impossible to predict who will do good or bad with the surgery. I was one of the unfortunates who did not have a good outcome. Bunion surgery is major surgery contrary to what most thing. I am crippled with pain at 52 and don'[t know where to turn. I don't walk anymore that I have to. I know it is easy for people to scoff at what I am saying, but they are not the one in pain, I am. Any doctors reading this, if you have any advice, please reply. I want serious helpful replies only.