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thyroid nodules


I have enlarged thyroid glands since i was little (when i was still in 6th grade), and now I am 31 years old. I never have nodules until last year, we found a 2mm nodule on my left lobe, and this year, there's a new 6mm well circumscribed hypoechoic isthmus nodule. my lab works are normal ( i had hypo and hyper before, one of the docs said i had grave disease but i got recovered, haven't have any problem with the lab works since, and that's about 4 years ago) Can a nodule grow so quickly, appear within a year? The doc said we will repeat ultrasound in 6 months, if it gets bigger, we will do biopsy. I called him back to see if there's any reason we shouldn't do the biopsy now, he said no. So it's up to me again, to see if i should do the biopsy..... is there any drawback that we shouldn't do it? how accurate is the FNB? since i have thyroid since i was young.. does it mean that eventually i will need to take the thyroid out? any of you have similar experience? sorry for so many questions... thank you in advance for any feedback and advise and happy thanksgiving!

my ultrasound report:

Right Lobe: 6cm x 3cm x 1.3cm with a heterogenous echo pattern, slight increased vascularity; No nodule.

Left Lobe: 6cm x 2cm x 1.3cm with a heterogenous echo pattern, slight increase in vascularity. one 2mm nodule, uncharged from last year.

Isthmus: a 6mm well circumscribed hypoechoic nodule, not noted previously.

Impression: new 6mm well circumscribed hypoechoic isthmus nodule, not noted previously; 6 month followup is recommended to confirm stability.
Stable left lobe 2mm nodule
Mild increased in thyroid vascularity, this can be seen in nonspecific inflammatory processes
No adjacent adanopathy.

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