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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hi Angelite, I really appreciate your response and yes I do agree with your comments about each OS and their advice. My surgeon was particularly anti - physio , he said they push you too hard and can undo his work. Therefore I dont actually start physio for 3 months.
Last night I removed the aircast splint and slept much better, the pain I experienced when I first put all my weight down has subsided and today I went for a small walk up and down the street.
In 2006 I had surgery to reconstruct my right ACL, medial ligaments and meniscus , I got back to playing sports but it was a long slow process.
This ankle stabilization seems longer and more inconvenient as I cant drive.
However like you said I think each day there is an improvement and the key is to take things easy.
I had the surgery done because my surgeon said that I had ruptured 2 of the 3 lateral ligaments and had early arthritis , this surgery he said should pospone the arthritis for a while I hope.
I was very active playing football , swimming & cycling , he told me no more football but that the other two sports are possible.
Thanks again for sharing your experiences and let me know how your going
best regards

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