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Re: PET SCAN and scared

Originally Posted by skimordiegirl View Post
Hi everyone,

My name is Candi... I have been dealing with a rare disorder for a few years now and finally a Dr. in CA is taking interest in it. He has invited me to participate in a brain imaging study on patients with the disorder. They want to do VEP, EEG, MRI and a PET scan with radioactive contrast. I am scared to death of flying first of all so that is a hurdle on it's own, but now with the other stuff I don't know what to expect. I hate MRI's and the banging noises, they put me in a trance feeling I hate. Anyone ever do any of these tests?

Thanks so much,

Don't worry about those test I have had them all done before the vep was really simple they cover one of your eyes and you watch a little red dot move across a monitor. Super simple no noise no needles

The EEG is also really easy they put electrodes on your scalp (which by the way looks really weird) they ask you to preform simple tasks like touching your hand to your nose. The worst part of this one is when they flash lights at your eyes...nothing worse

If you really dislike the MRI they can occasionally give you head phones so you can listen to music while your in there. Other than at I can't help you on that one.

A pet scan is just like a full body ct scan but you have to get a needle for the contrast not a big deal. I felt fine after mine

Good luck

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