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Blood results...So lost!!!

Well, I managed to stump my GI doctor.

Everything came back fairly normal except for my platelet count, which was low.

The PT did come back as 11.7, which the normal range says 9.0-11.5

Platelet count was 107, normal is 140-400 thousand/uL

My white blood cell count is 3.9, normal is 3.8-10.8.

I tested negative for the ANA, hemochromatosis, and Wilson's disease. Iron and ferritin were normal as well.

My GI doc is sending me to the Center of Liver Disease through University of Miami to see a hepatologist. He said he has no idea what is going on but it is something and I need to be seen.

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get in to see these people though. They don't accept share of cost until that share of cost is met elsewhere. How the heck am I supposed to do that? Nobody accepts it. They won't let me make an appointment until they tell me how much it will cost and I agree that I can pay it. When I ask how much it costs they just tell me they need to call me back. Ugh. I'm so stressed.

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