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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hi Noel
I have put below what I had done just FYI (I had posted in the foot problems section under health - you will find lots of foot/ankle issues there).
Had (mostly in surgeon's terms):
to remove osteochondral lesion of the central talar dome which included micro-fracturing, debrided with residual low grade cartilaginous pathology but cartilage all intact, minor synovitis, excision of significant lateral meniscoid lesion and decompression of the anterior ankle.

Then had open surgery on lateral side of ankle:
large posterior process of the talus clearly impinging - osteotomised, synovectomised the posterior ankle, preserved inferior extensor retinaculum and performed anterior inferior arthrotomy and performed Kaarlson modification of Brostrom Gould reconstruction.

Then had open surgery on the medial side of the ankle:
mild stenosis of tibialis posterior and tendon, tibialis posterior release (dissected well distal to the medial malleolus and more proximally).

Lots of stitching on both sides of the ankle!

Had first physio appt on Nov 2. Went to 1 crutch on Oct 31 and totally off crutches on Nov 7. Was still sore as hell and couldn't walk fast, too far or walk "heel to toe", but little improvements.

At 6 weeks post surgery and I had eversion and inversion exercises to do with a theraband (but have to be sensible - any sharp pain, stop). And next appt, first proprioception exercise - try and balance on foot without brace for 30 secs to 1 min - on hard floor - ha! not easy.

Was also given permission to get on stationary bike for 10mins, slow pace. Let's just say that my ankle got cranky on Tuesday night even though I iced and elevated afterwards for 2 hours. I might need to start back on anti-inflammatories as I stopped these on Monday. Will ask physio later today when I see him.

My physio has pretty much just been doing lots of massaging with my calf muscle, achilles and the foot (except for the reconstruction area). And checking ROM each time I go, which is twice per week at the moment.

Not good that you won't be able to participate in football - that's a shame. Is that even if you were to wear a brace?

Hope things improve for you and your recovery goes well - I think I would get really frustrated if I couldn't go to physio for 3 mths.
6 Oct '12: OCD talar, lat menis lesion, decomp ant ankle, osteotomy post proc talus, synovec post ankle, modified Brostrom-Gould, release PTT

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