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Re: Could it be OCD???

Hey MadisonPandison, well one thing is to be very very organized and in control and the other is to suffer from OCD. I can tell you that OCD is like a torment it is not just being obsessed with something, sometimes you don't even know what is your preoccupation, it is like wanting to break free from something that produce you extreme anxiety but you just can't. Basically OCD is like a cycle, you feel the anxiety, then you obsess about something and then you ritualize for relieve, but then you become addicted to it and it goes on and on. OCD is fueled by fear. Based on what you had written, I don't see fear nor anxiety in you (could be wrong). However if you feel that being too organized is causing you a lot of distress then its time to seek for a professional.
Hope This Helps