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Re: Zyban for smoking cessation?

Hello there Joenewbie AKA Smokeless Joe

Appointment went well...had to explain what happen when I took the Zyban...She said she wasn't surprised since I tend to be sensitive to other meds and have always taken the minimalist side of things when it comes to taking meds. My doc mentioned a nicotine inhaler, but unfortunately with the program I am working with it's not offered as a quit patches it is for sure...sigh!! She faxed the new script over right away (from the computer...the things computers can do now-a-days is amazing) as soon as they come in the mail (hopefully Friday or Saturday) I will be an official quitter...little more time to rid myself of nicotine, though (that's where the sigh comes in).

On the bright side of things...I WILL no longer be a cigarette smoker...YAY!!

I see you have recognized your triggers...I have the same triggers...guess I'll have to find other stuff to do (except drive...have to get to work somehow, and I live way too far to walk or ride a bike) Did you change anything you do to help with the not smoking?

I like to play mindless games on the computer, too...but I like to smoke when I do it...oops!!

So your last 2 cigs were are you doing?

I'm glad you are able to get some sleep now...but it is sad (like you mentioned) you have to take one pill to combat the effects of the other...but you seem to be a strong man, and are taking control of the habit and should be really proud of yourself

Anyhow...must get some sleep...long day tomorrow being Turkey Day and all.

Have a great day tomorrow with your family and friends...and be thankful you have taken this step to be smoke-free


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