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Really itchy red circular spots that have turned bruised color the last 3 days?

Does anyone know what this might be? I know its not ringworm, because of the distinct rings that ringworm makes, this looks more like i got beaten up on my leg. However it's SUPER itchy like reallly itchy. I've tried putting Hydrocortisone cream and it doesn't work. Can anyone please give me some ideas? I've never had any hives, allergic reactions in my life. And I've looked up pics of hives, allergic reactions, flea bites, tick bites and it doesn't look like any of that.

Thank you soo much!

And what do you recommend I do? I've also been having this weird cough and sneezing, but I've gotten a flu shot in the beginning of October, so it can't be the flu right?

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