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Sleepless Child

Hi, I am new to the boards. I joined tonight, because I have no idea how to help my 3 year old daughter...she only sleeps 3-5 hours a night, and it takes 3-4 hours just to get her to sleep-only to have her wake up before dawn, even though she went to sleep after midnight. At least once a month, she is up for 36+ hours straight. She also does not nap, and hasn't since she was 19 months old. She desperately needs a nap and more sleep, she is always exhausted. Her pediatrician recommended Melatonin, but I might as well not give her anything. During the day, she is extremely hyperactive, constantly in motion, and cranky. Her pediatrician has offered little help other than the Melatonin, and all any one else can say is to offer a rock solid bedtime routine. (If only it were that easy...) Do any of you know what to do, or what causes this? Will it ever end? Thanks so much!

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