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RE: PN and glands hurting

Happy Thanksgiving to All,

I am getting really worried about myself and wondering if any of you have experienced this with PN.

December 2011, before my pain with PN became constant in thighs and feet, my left parotid gland swelled and I went into emergency where they gave me antibiotics which then caused a yeast infection, only in my mouth. From there, I was put on oral steriods that knocked out the swelling in my parotid gland but still had to go on a battle fighting with the yeast. I have had to completely change my diet to stop eating all sugar, flour, preservatives, milk, cheese and all fruit with the exception of berries.

Now, my PN seems to be progressing and feel like my body, mainly thighs are wasting away. Plus, my parotid glands are hurting and even deep in my ears hurt. I did reasearch PN and they did state that with PN, glands can become not functional along with the wasting away of muscles. It sounds exactly what I am going through.

I know, after Thanksgiving, I need to go back to see my neurologist. But she has never even addressed my neuropathy but to refer me to a pain specialist and to say my pain is permanent.

So my question is; has anyone here experienced this with glands hurting so bad (I also have MS); and am I seeing the right doctor (neuro)? Do I need to see a different specialist?

I have also over the last year, lost a lot of my hair and my regular doctor has done a complete bloodwork panel and things are fine with my thyroid. I have also dropped over the last couple years over 35 pounds and am now a size 4.

I am just really concerned and very depressed with all this constant pain and the other issues that keep coming up.

Thanks for listening........I appreciate any thoughts on this.

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