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Re: Recovery from L4/S1 PLIF

[QUOTE=odsoju;5092796]I am having PLIF L4-S1 discs removed and fused with hardware 28 Nov. would like to here from others who have had this surgery and what their experience with results and also how recovery went?

I have severe DDD, bone spurs and narrowing of canal. Have had low back pain for many years, but last five have become unbearable. I have difficulty walking and sitting for any time more then 20 minutes, constant weakness in my left leg with numbness and bouts of sharp stabbing pain. Getting out of a chair is challenging at times and often go into spasms while trying to stand from seated position. Also have some retrolithis (sp) at L4/5.

I had C4-7 ACDF in May of this year and while the surgery was a success and relieved most of my neck pain, the recovery was not fun and just thinking this surgery for my back is going to be much worse.


Hi odsoju, Welcome to healthboards! As I recall, there are 7+ members who have undergone recent similar surgery & are in various stages of recovery now. Some have posted since before their surgeries, and are still posting there recoveries. You may want to put in search any keywords to find their threads where many have offered their support & experiences. Or browse the lists of the back problems board.Remember that people that recover without incident may not post. Thank you for joining us. You will find many helpful, caring people here. Thank you, gmak