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Re: HIV exposure and freaking out!!!

Originally Posted by SOTM View Post
It is normal because of your heavy stress and anxiety over this total non issue. You are freaked out and searching the internet and scouring your body for anything you deem abnormal.

Apollo already covered it, but here it is again....ZERO RISK for HIV. That means you do not have it. "Exposure" would mean you had UNprotected sex with a known infected person. You did not have an exposure.

You do not have HIV. You were never even at risk for it because you had protected sex. Where you go from here is up to can either continue on with this needless worry and fretting over something you do not have....or you can accept the fact that you do not have HIV because of protected sex. Someone with your level of anxiety will always test( and test, and test, and test), it is not needed! BUT...go for the 3 month test simply to calm your will be negative.

I hope you're right, because I've never had white tongue, swollen lymph nodes in groin and neck at the same time. If I'm negative it will be a miracle.
Either way this has been a life changing event for me!