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Re: Diagnosed - High BP - scared

Originally Posted by 9one1 View Post
Last 3x i was in to see my doc she told me it was high , mondays visit was 150/ 98 and yes im on meds, Hydrochloriazide once a day.

It's a bit high. No more. Most of that was caused due to anxiety because you were at the docs and anxious. My readings are always that high - normally higher - at the doctors. My readings were routinely 170/110 at the docs and 125/85 at home .......

You have absolutely NOTHING to be scared about. Your not in any imminent danger. Hypertension is a condition that might cause damage over a very long period, particularly when combined with other conditions.

What you need to do is to calm down and establish what your normal resting non-anxious BP is. It's possible you might never establish this reading when at the doctors so buy yourself a meter and take readings at home after you've been relaxing for half an hour or so and at different times of the day. Never before or after a toilet visit or before two hours after eating or drinking. Keep a record. You will find - I can almost guarantee it - that if you calm down and do this your readings will be far lower.

Report back and we'll try and help but you must calm down. Your anxiety is understandable but 100% misplaced. I'm also on a range of meds ..... you will get it sorted!

Just noticed your handle .... are you in a highly stressful job by any chance?

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