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Re: Cervical Spine Disc Problems, reassurance its not in my head needed.

Thank you for your reply, It was my middle and ring finger initially on the right hand, now it seems to be the whole of both hands, comes on, at various points, I wake up with pins and needles sometimes,in both hands, if I hold the phone to my ear, I get severe pins and needles in the hand I am using. Not sure what causes this. Also if I rest my wrists on a hard surface I get pins and needles, (just mild resting on a surface, and the pins and needles comes on instantly). With regards to the image of the scan, I drew the Consultants attention to the report, and he looked at that and the scan image and agreed the straightening of the Lordosis, the narowing and the contacting on the spinal chord, but wasn't happy with me, for mentioning it, and still maintained there was little wrong with my neck, I had what all people of my age (42) have, and any shoulder pain, was nothing at all to do with my neck in any way.