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Re: Cervical Spine Disc Problems, reassurance its not in my head needed.

Thank you again for replying. I agree with what you have said, with regards to his attitude not necessarily meaning what he has said to me is wrong. I just don't know at this point, what to think, if I am honest. My original post was long enough, so I didn't mention absolutely everything. I have been in pain and discomfort since the beginning of 2010, and have in my attempt to just get some relief, seen several Doctors, initially just for pain relief as no-one wanted to actually find out what was causing my problems. After my scan in 2010, the Orthapedic Doctor, told me, my neck didn't look too good, and he referred me to a neuro surgeon, that couldn't read a scan image, and missed the rotator cuff tear completely and just injected my shoulder with a steroid injection, that nearly sent me through the ceiling. My neck was put on hold, whilst I waited for my shoulder op, and my shoulder felt so much better once fully recovered from that. (It's now extremely tender and painful again, and 2 Doctors have told me, it is coming from my neck). I saw a Neuro Specialist in January, who looked at my images, and said, the scans revealed quite a degenerate neck, with multiple levels of disc prolapse, towards T5/6 but predominantly towards the right and at C6/7, he felt the significant neck pain I had, was due to the wear and tear present. After the scan he arranged, all I wanted was some treatment to help me, I don't want surgery, and I would sooner not just have to rely on pain killers, I just want a few answers to some questions and some treatment. He made me feel, like the pain was in my head, and had nothing to do with my neck at all, and now I just feel confused. The orthapedic surgeon who repaired my shoulder, thought I needed a discectomy as the discs were diseased and unrepairable (I would sooner not have surgery, if I can help it). but I just don't know, who to believe at the moment, I know how my pain is, but I suppose after so long of me trying to just get some treatment, and a few answers, and now feeling totally back at square one, I am scared that the second opinon following this last appointment, isn't going to help me move forward either. I hope that makes sense, and sorry for another long post.