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Re: Chest pain from asthma

I've been taking two puffs of symbicort three times a day. I usually take two puffs twice a day. I take 200/6 symbicort. I take 10 mg of reactine(citirizine hydrochloride), two sprays of Avamys(nasal steroid) twice a day. Also my ventolin(albuterol) I take vitamin D, tiazac XC 240mg(high blood pressure) and 50 mg of synthroid. I've been taking extra strength tylenol as well.( About 4-6 a day)

Not much coughing. Could it be pleurisy? I'm wondering if this is part of my asthma since I don't have any nasal congestion nor sneezing. I only sneeze when my allergies act up. I do have a lot of perennial as well as seasonal allergies. I will definitely go to a doctor if it doesn't get any better.