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Exclamation I'm so DESPERATE! Possibly have Aspergers?

I have a good friend (fiancÚ actually). I have known this man for over 9 years and he is highly intelligent but so many things now lead me to believe that something is very wrong. He has never been able to hold down a job for any length of time, except for gardening which he has always done by himself (not working for a company). This is a man who speaks intelligently, has a large vocabulary, has read the classics, but is unable to understand the simplest questions asked of him; he is unable to understand very basic, simple job applications, can not use a computer no matter how much instruction is provided (been trying to teach him for years), can't get his thoughts or ideas across to other people, he can not read people or their emotions, can't remember to brush his teeth even once a day, balance a checkbook, handle money or do most of the things that the average person does.
He has OCD and is a hoarder, has certain odd behaviors and mannerisms, has an encyclopedic knowledge of certain subjects but yet can't understand simple questions at times. He has a history of drug and alcohol abuse (although sober 6 months now) and has never been unable to work at a job long enough to have his own apartment, car, etc... He always is always someone's room mate.
He is 59 years old and has never had a drivers license. He can be very emotional over certain incidents but on things that should elicit high emotion and concern, he is totally blank.
I have always thought that he was just a lazy drunk, but he showed up on my doorway almost two weeks ago and after actually living with him for this short time, I see how incapable of doing the simplest things he really is. He has the shortest attention span I have ever seen and gets side tracked constantly. Something that should take 5 minutes can take him hours to complete, if the task is ever actually completed. I love this person, he has a good heart but I am in danger of losing my apartment and now have to feed and provide everything for this man. I am on disability because of numerous, serious health issues and my funds are very limited.
I guess my question is: Can someone go through life with Apsergers Syndrome for so many years, appear highly intelligent and be so well spoken and yet be so handicapped by the simplest of life skills?
Please help from anyone. I am desperate, out of money, in danger of eviction if my landlord finds out he is living with me and don't know where to turn to for help. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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