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Re: Cleft Chin Removal

Originally Posted by Jagaimo View Post
I have a minor cleft chin and have always been interested in the removal of it...Tell me, how did the surgery go? Please share any information you can about it. Assume I know nothing because chances are, I probably don't. ^_^ thanks!
I am more than happy to help. I looked around on the internet for years. I hung onto every bit of information I could get my hands onto because there is not much out there on the subject. More Dr.'s are putting in clefts for men then are removing them.

Some Dr.'s say they will do a Z-plastic on it but you risk the possibility of a scar on the outside of your chin. I went with a "muscle separation".

It has been one week to the day since I had it done and it is very much swollen up. I was told that in 2 more weeks 75% of the swelling will be gone.

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