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Re: Extreme fatigue for years - still no diagnosis

Hi, just joined this board. I've been fatigued and tired since my 20s, now in 50s, just recently had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, my body aches and my bones do too every day it seems. What I'm doing to cope is this: THC (medical marijuana in an edible form) 20mg of sativa to get me off the couch, more energy, leaves body naturally & also helps with mood. And I get an hour deep tissue massage every other week, I'd get one every week if I could afford it, but I cannot. The 2 measures I describe are not covered by insurance, unfortunately. I pay for these healing treatments, and they are well worth it. Ive tried the cymbalta, and it scared me the 1st day, so never took anymore. I just started talking to people and trying to find a natural course that I could live with, and this is what I found: medical marijuana (sativa for energy) in an edible form and healing massage. Occasionally, I can have a panic attack, for that I keep valium or xanax in med cabinet, do not abuse it at all, I don't take unless I am in panic mode, this keeps me out of the emergency room swearing I'm having a heart attack. I have low thryoid, take 75 mcg of synthroid for that. I believe I acquired fibro after a lengthy illness in my 20s, after that illness (virus) I was never the same, so I know pretty much what caused my system to change. It's taken me 30 years to finally feel I'm not a prisoner in my body anymore, good luck to you. God bless.