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Re: lateral ankle stabilization and debridement

Hi Noel,
no, not a sporting injury - slid down a ramp on a damp morning, sudden stop at the end and twisted it 2 ways - and it just didn't heal. OS said about 10% of sprains don't. But it could have been an accumulation over the years and this just topped it off - again, he said I will never know for sure. Oh well! (I have been on a 'health mission' this year and have lost almost 50kgs since mid-March - hence the treadmill obsession - lol!!).
I actually went to gym on the treadmill for 30mins after I did it - hoping to 'walk it off'. When I couldn't actually stand on it 2 nights later, I knew I had problems - then 3.5 mths of test and physio before OS.
The modification of the Brostrom-Gould I had is the most common one. No plates or screws - if you google, there are plenty of resources and videos about it. Mine was the Karlsson modification which just means that as well as drilling a trough and holes in my fibula to attach the CFL and ATFL to, the extensor retinaculum is also brought up and secured there for extra strength and my OS also brought down a periosteum flap from the bone and secured this there as well. Some use suture anchors, but mine didn't. It's a very tight repair that usually holds well unless you majorly sprain your ankle again. (I think I spend too much time on the internet - lol!! - but I like to know everything that has gone on inside my ankle).
My surgeon actually gave me a printed copy of his notes when I got my plaster changed - so I know everything (including when I was laying on my back or my side).
I had 6 weeks off work and have just gone back this week - could have had 7, but 6 was long enough. I drove my car the day after getting my ankle brace - just around the block to see how I went, and the pain I felt was actually less for me than what it was prior to surgery - I was in a lot of pain when driving before.
So, it's all relative.!!
My physio gave me a new exercise last night but said to stop if I feel any pain around the incision areas - let's see
Hope you start to improve soon.
and you know what, we all heal differently.

Oh!! one thing my surgeon does not know and I am not telling him because he doesn't believe in complementary medicine, I chewed on Arnica tablets from the moment I got home to help with the shock to the body and the healing, and have also taken glucosamine with chondrotin and msm since I came home from hospital - not sure if that has helped with my recovery.

My physio did remind me last night that the healing and rehab is a slow process
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