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Re: abdominal pains, spotting + severe headache?

Originally Posted by robin623 View Post
Hi, my period is usually really regular (28 days) last month, I was 6 days late but I came on!
After my period, me + my partner have had sex everyday (sorry tmi) + he's finished inside me.
I've had severe lower abdominal pains, really uncomefortable to sit + last night before bed, I went for a wee as I usually would + when I wiped, there was faint red blood.
If my period decides to come on time this month, I'm due Wednesday.
Any ideas what this could be? I've never experianced pains likes this before my period!
Thanks in advance
Hi, Robin623...

Have you taken a pregnancy test? If you're not pregnant, it could be a cyst, which from personal experience is incredibly painful. Before further speculation, your best bet is to take a pregnancy test, IMO.

Good luck!