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Re: Five month plus

Originally Posted by guyp View Post
I am getting use to my numbness as it really seems to get bad if I am typing or holding a phone or focusing on one thing too long. I really do feel lucky to be here and I am now feeling the pain of a very numb shoulder and toes. My elbow hurts now when I straighten it out completely. I exercise everyday with weights trying to keep flexibility and movement. My doctor says everything looks good. I just wish it felt that way. I am being patient waiting for improvement in my numbness and look forward to that.
when I was reading your post I am understand that you are experiencing new pain new restrictions is that right? George is so right about being careful with weights etc however I couldnt help but ask about your medication.
I was on a cholesterol drug just after my stroke and was not aware of the side effects. After some time on this drug my arms were become very weak and I suddenly developed a frozen shoulder. They were sending me for physio for Goodness sakes and I then started researching the drugs I was on. Now this does not mean you should go off your meds I am just tell you to research them. Not everyone gets the side effects but if your one of the lucky ones like me who gets the side effects it might be as easy as changing your meds. The side effects to the drug I was on was muscle deteration and cramping. Muscle fatique. I had my meds changed and my muscles have gotten continuesly better and my frozen shoulder is gone. Just a thought.
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