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Re: high wbc (mainly neutrophils), and platelets

I too am experencing this my numbers are 14.2 and 785,000 I have been back 6 times since July, 42 vials of blood taken they have ran ct scans mri and bone marrow biopsy. Say I am cancer and lukiema free but called last Monday and want me to start chemo in pill form {Hydrea} to lower these levels. They say all the factors are there that if not treated now I could have a heart attack or stroke or enter a lukiema stage because of the platlets being so high and my blood is basically jellingThis is a drug that kills the cells they are telling me and depending on what the counts do it could be a lifetime deal and the reactions by the cells will set the dosage.Has anyone else heard of this or had this diagnosis,seems alful radical to me seeing as how there could be other underlying conditions that has not been examined as of yet