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raw feeling just above belly button right up2 throat

STRESSED............ Past few days from sunday (now fri) i had bad acid stomach
settled yesterday morning then yest evenin & today everytime i ate i got this feelin in my throat & just below ribs in center like the food is stuck there & in my throat i get a feeling like i need to burp & that would make it budge but i cant blooming get the burp out any other time i can burp i dont no why am getting this ?? i do smoke (i no i shud stop) but now this feeling above belly button to bottom of ribs all feels so raw

am waiting for app for endoscopy as went docs today to demand one my doc examined stomach & said he thinks just acid (SERIOUSLY THIS SORE)

I just hate not been able to just eat what i want & always suffering

aby1 go through the same ??

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